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Select a professional to rent your apartment

Make sure to choose a flexible professional to help you with the most important decisions in your life. We assemble you a personalized rental plan using different modern marketing tools.

We market the property to our own existing clients individually as well as to new in many different channels. With effective marketing and interviews we reach the right tenants.

JYA Housing Real Estate team is a customer service professional: We will pull our socks up and sell your home with a warranty, fast and cost-efficient!

Finance your rental

We also finance and insure your rental with our partners.

As a landlord, you will receive a 12 month rent at once.

The financier is then responsible of the payment.

The contract can be renewed every 12 months for longer rentals.

Ask more about this option.  



Tiia Mirjamo


+34 660 137 276


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